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White Creek

Wellness Center

Image by Aaron Burden

Learn the natural ways you can aid your body to recovery through a proper and healthy change of lifestyle.

the way god
prescribed it

 White Creek Wellness Center is committed to educating people to the understanding of a simple, natural lifestyle, including exercise, total plant based nutrition, hydrotherapy, the use and recognition of herbs, benefits of massage, gardening, the power of green drinks, raw juices and how to make them. Hands-on total vegetarian preparation. Up-to-date PowerPoint lectures on current health topics are given on a daily basis.                                           Please note that the session dates are subject to change unless we have registered guests that have sent in a deposit. Please call ahead to confirm or recheck this schedule before making your definite plans. Therefore: 


Do not schedule time off of work or book flights unless you have registered and we have received your deposit for these retreats! 

The capacity for each program is limited based upon the number guests that are already registered. Please contact the office to check availability for your desired program date.

Secure your spot in an upcoming program by making a deposit. Call us with your questions 423-965-4731 or 865-256-5113


332 Pine Flat Rd,

Deer Lodge, TN 37726

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