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Retreat Dates

We are now doing 2 week sessions. If you are only able to stay 1 week Please come to the 1st week. Call to see if we can accommodate you for time within the 2nd week. 

Check in 12pm  -  Check out 10am


Sept. 27th - Oct. 9rd (Florida Raw Food & Juice Session)
Oct.10th - Oct. 17th  Tennessee  (First Week)
Oct. 24th - Oct 31 Tennessee  (First Week      
Nov. 7th  - Nov 14  Tennessee  (First Week)   
Nov. 21st - Nov. 28th Tennessee  (First Week)    
Dec. 4th - Dec. 11th Tennessee   (First Week)

Dec. 14 - 28 (Florida Raw Food & Juice Session)

Dec. 28-31 Florida Camp-Meeting (Hawthorn FL)

These dates are subject to change unless we have registered guests that have sent in a deposit. Please call ahead to confirm or recheck this schedule before making your definite plans. Therefore: 


Do not schedule time off of work or book flights unless you have registered and we have received your deposit for these retreats! 

Tennessee Sessions 423-965-4731

Florida Sessions 865-256-5113

The capacity for each program is limited based upon the number guests that are already registered. Please contact the office to check availability for your desired program date.

Secure your spot in an upcoming program by making a deposit.


332 Pine Flat Rd,

Deer Lodge, TN 37726

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