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The Full Story


We give God the glory for all of the testimonies that are offered. It is because of you that we are here. With your witness as to what healing has taken place in your life from being here, there are many more that are inspired to come. We thank you for taking time to share with others.

Keven's Diabetes and Gangrene  Testimony (Click Here)

Jessie and Jan’s Miracle in 2010


I get so emotional when I even think of WCWC, (wcwc is a center called White Creek Wellness Center in Tennessee), Les, Kathie and Crystal and how God used them to changed our lives, that it is difficult to even verbalize what we feel. When you read in the Bible about the miracles Jesus performed it seems so far from the society that we live in today.  I have learned through our experiences at WCWC that we ourselves limit our own capacity to experience miracles.  We give in to our environmental desires or at least what we have been conditioned to believe are our desires.  After spending a fair amount of time at WCWC my needs and requirements for a happy healthy full life changed drastically. Not only was it of major benefit to our health, but it gave us a brand new perspective of Christianity.  My husband had accepeted his diabetes, heart failure, stroke, hypertension, and finally, stage four kidney failure. After meeting with our Nurisng Practioner, Internist and Nephrologist we realize that this was a very grim outlook.  The Nephrologist was very frank when he said that he was going to put him on dialysis and on the transplant list, but, based on the lab results and other diagnostic test, Jessie would probably die from a heart attack within 90 days; that was around the middle of November 2010. We were also told that during this time, the best we could hope for was to maintain him comfortably with no expectation of improvement in his kidney function. Jessie and I mutually agreed, NO DIALYSIS, NO TRANSPLANT! I ordered books,  I researched and researched for an alternative method because right now we’re just sitting on our thumbs, So to speak. Well,  I could not find anything that I thought we could afford or that would work.  Then, I began a prayer regimen.


At this point, we felt it was necessary to began letting our family and closest friends know what’s was going on. While talking with a very close friend, telling her about it, she  processed what I was saying and called me late in the night and told me, that there is an alternative, but then admitted she had never tried it, and said that it would require alot of discipline.  She proceeded to tell me of some friends of hers from her church that are very informed and confident in their health care ministry.  I called them directly and spoke with a very nice calm man who obviously has a firm connection with and belief in God, and explained what can happen when you are obedient. Though, still in a silent state of panic,  I knew this was the answer I was asking for.  I discussed it with my husband who assured me that he could make his OWN lifestyle change and did not need the help of someone else! Now you just don’t know my husband. Not only is he very strong willed, but he is a “meat and potatoes Grizzly Adams kind of guy.” Not necessarily cohesive when it comes to something this unfamiliar.  I guess he thought better of it and  made an agreement that if he could not effectively do this on his own, he would agree with going to the wellness center.  Needless to say he couldn’t and didn’t make the changes he needed and just went on with his destructive eating habits and continued his 15 yr regimen of taking blood pressure medication and insulin to take care of the symptoms.


After he indulged in a late night of chess and neck bones, I called back to WCWC and spoke again with Les and arranged to come that Sunday, January 22, 2011.  Upon arrival at this conservative yet inviting big farm house, we were met by the most wonderful family ever. There we all got  right to work. Les and Kathie want to make sure that you are armed with the knowledge of God’s healing power. I was included in every aspect of  his therapy. They want you to know what they know.  I never thought of all of the un-necesseties of life.  How glutony, greed and misinformation has been our demise. Though serious and firm, everything they do is with Christian love.  We had the benefit of spiritual healing as well as physical.   After 17 days at the wellness center under Les and Kathie’s instruction, Jessie no longer fell within the parameters of a diabetic. His cholesterol which had not been in his adult life, was within normal limits. His kidney function even began to increase within 4 days! How do I know this because after we went back home we went back to his Internist and had the labs done again. This is a documented fact. His MD embarrassingly admitted that he never thought of Jessie as one who could make such a lifestyle change. However was so impressed that he began to inquire. I shared some of what I learned and now he and his wife also a physician have expressed an interest in coming to WCWC themselves. Now don’t get me wrong this past year has been tempestuous to say the least;  Jessie did in fact have another heart attack, two very serious GI bleeds and to top it all off he fell off his bicycle and broke his leg but, through the knowledge and wisdom that God has blessed Les and Kathie with, we made it; he has recovered nicely and he is back on his bicycle. During this lifestyle change that we were introduced to, Jessie has lost 139 pounds. He is no longer diabetic, and lives a full happy life. He is no longer in the other room eating chili dogs while I’m in the other room doing something else. We pray together, eat together and are implementing what we have learned in the lives of our family and friends. We are now one big happy family. We feel welcome whenever we just happen to show up at WCWC, and with whomever. They just make everyone that we introduce them to feel comfortable and long for more knowledge, and believe you me there have been many.

Now just when I thought I couldn’t say more. We decided to come to the wellness center for a “boost” mind you never have we come for my health it has always been Jessie as I don’t have any serious health issues. However, I had an anaphylactic reaction which would have resulted in my death had it not been for prayer and their fast response. The hospital is at least 20 minutes away, even with Kathie’s driving (lol) But since I was heading for full respiratory arrest going in and out of consciousness, their first reaction after discovering that I couldn’t breathe was to pray! Pretty impressive huh? Next I was given two remedies they felt might work. Then, in unanimous agreement we knew we had to try to make it to the hospital. Having had this attack before, I knew I would would not make it because of the distance. These episodes have always resulted in being intibated, epinephrine and steroids along with being admitted to ICU. So I was a little unsure. By the time we got to the hospital I was better. Not fully recovered but better than I’d ever felt at this juncture in an episode. So, I did something I’d never done before in this situation, because I felt so much better by the time we arrived at the hospital, we left without being treated with their drugs, oxygen, and gregarious bill. I came back to the center rested and began to feel my normal self again. Yet, God has performed another miracle through their belief in him and his word.

I asked Kathie how does it feel for God to to perform these miracles. She very casually responded with, the miracle is in you, she says that they are simply fulfilling the will of God, and that feels great! God places people in your life for a reason. We must make ourselves receptive to the enlightening information that he makes readily available. So first, thank you God, then Deborah Johnson my dear friend and sister for heading us in the right direction I love you more than you could ever understand, lastly but hardly least The Bauers, there are no words, no gifts, nothing I could offer to express the heartfelt gratitude and deep deep love that far surpasses all understanding.Alth 

Selena from Ohio

In August of 2012 I was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 3 months to live without aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I declined the offer and sought the Lord on my next steps. A good friend, Trudy Nash,  recommended White Creek Wellness Center because of the good results she had heard about from a friend. Prayerfully I considered going, but not before the anointed elders of the church lay hands on me and pray the prayer of faith for divine healing. Pas. Ronald Calvin of the Church of God of Springfield, Ohio and his ministers anointed me with oil and prayed. In September I located the WCWC website and  began following the posted instructions about juicing and eating raw foods. In November (during Thanksgiving) I spent 8 days at WCWC learning all I could take in about proper nutrition and what feeds and kills cancer. Although some of the activities were rough at times, I left there a different person. My symptoms that I had prier to going there were all gone! No more cluster headaches, no more throwing up blood. No more lethargy. No more PAIN! I am thankful first to God for hearing our prayer. And next to Les and Kathie Bauer for blooming where they are planted. They have no "magic wand." but what they do use is what God gave us in the beginning. His lovely nature. They have spent more that 40 years learning and teaching how to take care of this only bodies God has given us. Thank you Les and Kathie for your tireless efforts. I have received the benefits and am spreading the others. 


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