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5:45 am       Arise and drink a large glass of water

6:00            Breakfast preparation (Hands on food prep class)

6:30            Walking

7:00            Devotions (all are invited but not required to come)

7:30            Breakfast

8:15            Breakfast clean up

8:30            Gardening, or other work related exercise

10:30          Hydrotherapy or Health Lecture

12:00 pm     Lunch Prep (Hands on food prep class)

12:30          Green Drink (for those not on a liver cleanse)

1:30            Lunch

2:30            Lunch clean up, walk or exercise

4:30            Health Talk or Hydrotherapy

6:00            Devotions (all are invited but not required to come)

6:45            Various Activities: Health video, health presentation free time, or hydrotherapy

9:30            Retire for the night

General Health, Liver Cleanse

or Weight Loss Retreat


Our 7 day retreat is for those who have little or no experience in a healthy lifestyle; or for those who need the extra education in natural healing. The retreats are packed with important educational live power point presentations.


You may want to fill out our health questionnaire to understand the underlying causes of your health problems when you arrive. If you would like a consultation regarding this questionnaire, please schedule an appointment after filling it out. If you need to keep a monitor on your health condition, please bring your monitoring equipment; Such as, blood pressure cuff and blood sugar tester.

The following are your options:


  • Liver cleanse / Colon Cleanse (Start drinking 1 qt of apple of juice every day 1 cup at a time between meals for 3 days before arrival) Add 30.00 for this cleanse (This is a one time fee per liver cleanse) 

  • External clay cleanse (free)

  • Kidney cleanse (20.00 for this cleanse)

  • Juice fast – 1-3 quarts of organic juice per day (Add 10.00 per quart of juice after the 2nd quart, and do as many days as you want.) If you are water only fasting deduct $20.00 per day or $10.00 per meal for the water only fasting days. 

  • Colon cleanse – If you are doing a liver cleanse this is not needed at this time. 

  • Grape Diet- This is the famous Grape diet written by Johanna Brandt

  • Total Raw food diet if you desire (otherwise we do about 75% raw / 25% cooked)


The cost for the 7 day retreat is $700.00 for the week session. This cost includes room, food, lectures, and all spa use. For those who need assistance with dressing please bring a companion; The cost for the companion/assistant would be $40.00 per day. For registration call (423)965-4731. Also please send a $50.00 refundable deposit to secure your spot. Please state the date you are coming and your phone # along with the deposit. This is refundable if canceled at least 7 days prior to the retreat. If we do not receive a deposit, you do not have a reserve spot at your chosen retreat time.


Send deposit to: White Creek Wellness Center 332 Pine Flat Rd. Deer Lodge, TN, 37726


Exciting discount for former health guests: These retreats are being offered to our former health guests at a great discount. Former health guests may come for only 50% off per day as long as you are bringing someone new to attend at the regular price.


This program is the true answer to health, and weight loss. No matter what the health condition, the health principles learned here will improve any condition.

The education gained here will facilitate your whole body, soul and mind to be geared in implementing a victorious journey toward health and weight loss.

The result after the retreats? You will go home feeling great with incentives to continue the cleansing programs.


hot tub

A small pool with jets for massage that aid in relaxation.

Session is up to 15 minutes

sun bath

When the weather permits the sunroom is open for this relaxing amenity, when combined with clay baths can be an extremely potent detoxing session


A great way to detox and eliminate toxins stored in the body and in the blood, dont be afraid to sweat


For an additional cost massages will be available to soothe those aching muscles, odd pain that appears from nowhere, and other uncomfortable disturbances in the body

contrast bath

One of the best ways to help promote circulation in the body

clay bath

Clay found in our very grounds that help pull impurities from the system

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