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  • What is the difference between White Creek Wellness in TN and Simply Pure Healing in FL?
    WCWC is located in Tennessee, and there you will be educated in adopting a new lifestyle, which directly helps with the damage of diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and a host of other lifestyle related diseases. A sustainable diet of total plant based foods both raw and cooked. With hands on learning on how to make delicious plant based meals. This is an important step in starting a lifestyle that helps to detoxify you slowly everyday; and a necessary step to be taken before you do a deeper healing detoxification program such as the one in Florida. SPH is located in Florida. There you will be educated and assisted in a raw food only detox program consisting of raw food preparation education, raw juicing education and short water only fasting. Here is the place for those wanting a deeper cleansing and healing experience. It is for those who want to help speed up the process of healing which you already have started in the plant based diet.
  • How often do you have retreats?
    Two retreats per month. We try to keep a regular schedule of starting our sessions every first and third Tuesday of each month.
  • What should I bring?
    Please bring: Walking shoes, Boots for possible muddy work in the garden Casual & comfortable clothes for working in the garden Slippers & robe, personal bath items A 3lb dumb bell (for women) 5lb (for men) if possible Swim suit for hydrotherapy or undergarments are fine for the hydrotherapy and clay baths. (Please note that the clay may stain the garments.) Warm pants and socks for all seasons, for it will get in the 60’s at night in the summer and can get down to 0 at night in the winter. Please do not bring colognes or perfumes because these can be harmful to you and can also have adverse health reactions on others. If you need to monitor on your health condition, please bring your monitoring equipment; Such as, blood pressure cuff and/or blood sugar tester.
  • Can I do a juice fast there?
    Yes. We have a day or two set aside for juicing in the scheduled, or you can juice longer if you want. Let us know if you plan to do a long juice fasting so that we may have the fruits and vegetables ahead of time.
  • May I check my e-mails or use my cell phone during the program?
    Yes, we offer Wi-Fi connection. Most cell phones work in the main building. Each room also has a phone and we have a flat rate long distance plan for U.S. only.
  • May we donate to WCWC?
    Yes. A receipt will be issued with every donation. This is a Non-Profit organization, supported, operated and organized by caring health advocates that have your health as their top priority. It is through loving donations and sacrificing volunteer work that we are able to offer our service to you at an amazingly low cost. Please contact all that could benefit form these life changing retreats. If you would like to support WCWC please mail your donations to White Creek Wellness Center 332 Pine Flat Rd. Deer Lodge TN. 37726
  • Are children welcome, if so, what is the cost?"
    Yes, if coming with a health guest, for children under the age of 8 a suggested donation of $15.00 per day for the retreat sessions. for children of ages 8 and higher a suggested donation of $30 per day for the retreat sessions. If the child is doing therapies the cost will be $20 more. Call us with any questions
  • How would you describe a typical day?
    You rise early, drink water, help prepare breakfast, then walk or have some personal time. After this breakfast is served; This consists of plenty of raw fruit, and if it is not a raw food retreat a cooked grain such as whole grain waffle, French toast, blueberries muffins etc. The morning and afternoon activities are hydrotherapy, clay baths, gardening, light chores, heath classes or videos, walking; and there will be time for relaxation and reading. Lunch consists of a large salad and some cooked beans or vegetables. Having no supper, and enjoying a large breakfast, is one of the most important health principles that greatly generates good health. Power point health lectures are given explaining these great health principles, empowering you with motivation to continue at home, what you have learned here. Lights are out early that you may be ready to rise with energy in the morning. You are invited but not required to come to an evening and early morning devotional time with readings and exhortations from the Bible
  • Is there transportation provided from the airport or bus sattion?
    We can possibly provide transportation for a fee; call to make arrangements. The airport at Nashville, TN is about two hours from the center and Knoxville, TN airport is about 1.5 hours away.
  • Do I need to make a deposit with my reservation?
    There is a $50.00 deposit per person for the retreats. Please mail this to 332 Pine Flat Rd. Deer Lodge, TN, 37726
  • May I have a private room?
    Yes, if available. We have rooms to accommodate singles, couples or small families. If you are coming for a retreat you may be expected to share a room with one other person.
  • What is the cost?
    The cost for the 7 day retreat is $100.00 per day. This cost includes room, food, lectures, and all spa use. For those who need assistance with dressing please bring a companion; The cost for the companion/assistant would be $40.00 per day. For registration call 423-965-4731. Please send a $50.00 refundable deposit to secure your spot. Please state the date you are coming and your phone # along with the deposit. This is refundable if canceled at least 7 days prior to the retreat. If we do not receive a deposit you do not have a reserved spot at your chosen retreat time. Send deposit to: White Creek Wellness Center, 332 Pine Flat Rd. Deer Lodge, TN, 37726 Exciting discount for former health guests: These retreats are being offered to our former health guests at a great discount. Former health guests may come for only 50% off per day as long as you are bringing someone new to attend at the regular price.
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