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Taco Salad

Place one of the following styles of tortillas at the beginning of the line of foods in a buffet style:

Hard shell tortillas. You can crunch these and place on the bottom of your plate or mix the following and place on the tortilla. (make these by placing the tortillas individually upon the oven rack and bake until slightly brown and completely crispy.)


Or a tortilla warmer full of warmed tortillas. (Warm these in the toaster or on a hot skillet.) Wrap the following in these soft tortillas in a burrito style.



Place each ingredient into a separate bowl and place in a buffet style after the tortillas.


A large bowl of finely chopped lettuce.

A bowl of chopped or whole ripe olives.

A bowl of guacamole. (your choice of guacamole or  mash up a couple of avocados and add some onion powder and salt)

A bowl of chopped tomatoes.

A bowl of chopped red peppers.

A bowl of green onions.

A bowl of Salsa (optional) Homemade or Herdez has a vinegar free salsa.

A large pot of Pinto beans.

A bowl of Cashew cheese. (see the recipe under sauces and gravies), (you can use the raw salad dressing in place of this)

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