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apple crisp

    4 c. Apples 

           Juice of 1 lemon

1/8 c. Honey

    2 T. Tapioca flour / Arrowroot powder

1/2 c. Water


Sliced apples and place on baking tray. Mix the lemon juice, honey, and tapioca mixture well, and pour evenly over the apples. 


        2 c. Minute Oats

    1/2 c. Ground up nuts and seeds: Coconut, almond and/or sunflower seeds 

               (Grind them in a blender)/ You can use breakfast sprinkles instead of the

               nuts and seeds. 

    1/2 c. Water

    1/4 c. Sucanat / Honey 

1/3 tsp. Salt

    1/2 c. Blueberries/ raisins/ canned pineapple 

In a bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients together. Sprinkle the oat mixture and blueberries/ pineapple, etc. over the apples and bake until the top is golden. Remove the lid in the final moments for a more browning effect if desired. 

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