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waffle recipe

non-soaked grains

Blend well together:

1 ½ Cup water

½ cup dried unsweetened coconut

¼ cup of other nuts or seeds such as: almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or walnuts. Use a different nut or seed each time to get that variety in your diet.


Then add to the blender:

½ t salt

1 ½ t. honey

1 ½ cup of water

1 cup of brown rice flour or other flour.


You can make flower in a vitamix by blending them dry into a powder. This works especially good with buckwheat and millet.


2 Cups of minute oats (for serious gluten intolerance use a non gluten contaminated oats)

Blend lightly these added ingredients; add a little more water if needed to make a not too thick pour-able batter; if batter is too thin, add more minute oats. The waffle Irons should be hot. Spray oil may be needed on the first waffle but not usually because the nuts and oats have some fat in them that keeps them from sticking. Bake on a medium hot setting for about 8-10 minutes or until slightly browned.

For crepes make the batter more thin and use the grill side of the waffle iron.


Note #1. This recipe is for a vitamix blender and you may have to cut the recipe in half for smaller blenders.


Note #2. Soaking your grains overnight increases the availability of their vitamins and increases the flavor.

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